meaning of lifeAre you searching for your life purpose? You may be looking in the wrong place. If you are looking outside yourself into the world, you may discover things that inspire you, but you will not find the spark that drives you.

You must look within yourself to discover your spiritual spark which is your aspect of the Divine. You are spirit and a spark of the Cosmic Consciousness. You, the spirit, have a purpose for having your body on Earth at this time. The way to discover your purpose or meaning in life is to turn within to yourself, the spirit.

Your spiritual light will transform your perspective of life. You can begin to see that you and everyone else have purpose for being here now and that is what gives your life meaning. The purpose does not necessarily bring fame and fortune. The purpose can be as seemingly simple as bearing children and nurturing them. If you meditate on the importance of parenting, you see the human species is dependent on this for survival.

There are as many purposes as there are people. You could be here now to finish or to begin a learning cycle. You could be here to witness an event or create something needed by others. Your very existence affects the vibration of the world. Like an orchestra, even one instrument is missed. In this time of disturbance, your purpose could be to give someone food which saves their life. You may not acknowledge the magnitude of your action unless you look within to recognize the power of your spiritual light.

Years ago, I read a story of three women who related to Jesus during his life. One was his mother, one was his teacher, and one woman was present to witness his birth and also his death. Each of these women had an important purpose in Jesus’ life. You can reflect on some of the people in your life who influenced you: your mother, a teacher, and even a casual acquaintance who supported or encouraged you.

When you turn within and allow a spiritual view of your life, you begin to see the impact of others on your life – even people you have not met or who have left this physical world before you. You eventually can see how much you affect other people and the world. Your purpose may not be to become famous, but it may be more important to the world than any of the rich and famous.

You are spirit, you are not your body. So, look within to awaken your spiritual spark. Stop looking for your purpose outside of yourself in the physical world and look within to you, the spirit. You may discover that you are already fulfilling your purpose and simply need to acknowledge how much meaning your life has.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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