Lighten UpDo you take life so seriously these days that you stopped having fun? Granted, the world is in an amazing upheaval with the vast changes occurring. We do still need to celebrate the successes in our lives.

Are you so busy fighting what you do not like that you don’t take time for the things you like? Yes, everyone needs to act on what is important for them; and we all need to acknowledge our challenges to heal ourselves and our world. But balance is needed in everyone’s life.

Our neutrality is essential at this time so we can be clear to find solutions instead of drowning in our emotions. Fear and hate cannot solve any problem, so our neutral, spiritual perspective is necessary to solve our problems and to allow our joy for every success.

We can be light and bright as we search for and discover the solutions to our personal and planetary challenges. The light and bright of neutrality helps us rise above our emotions to see clearly and act responsibly. Serious is heavy, amused is light. Have you ever struggled with a problem until you could no longer think? Then you went for a walk, meditated, watched a comedian or changed your energy in some way and magically realized your answer? You stopped using so much effort, relaxed and allowed your clear perspective of your “problem”.

So, you see, lighten up means regaining your personal power. Instead of only using serious effort, you can use your neutral, lighter energies to create. You may take a walk, see a child playing and realize the answer to your question. Even Einstein used this “lighten up” technique by going to sleep to allow him to access his solution.

The trick is to gain seniority with your physical body. You are spirit, light and bright, your body is heavy and always uses effort. Some issues need the body’s solutions such as the need for effort to move furniture or hug a child. Other matters need a neutral, spiritual energy to discover a creative path. So, we need both aspects of ourselves – spirit and body – to fully create on Earth.

If you discover that you are serious and in total effort, lighten up and allow you, the spirit, to shine light on your life. Balance spirit and body to create what you need and want.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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