Laughter Heals

By: Mary Ellen Flora

Laughter is the sweetener of life! Whether it is a child’s giggle or an old man’s belly laugh, laughter changes the mood of any situation. Laughter attracts people like bees are attracted to honey. Laughter changes the body’s chemistry. It certainly changes the body’s mood and energy. I know things are good when there is laughter.

Everyone is growing and changing so rapidly, the process of transformation disturbs the bodies and people begin to take themselves seriously. When there is not the usual laughter in my world, I encourage laughter and everyone starts taking themselves lightly. Disturbing issues and transitions become lighter and easier to handle with laughter.

Recently I was talking with a friend about her disturbing relationship with her adult son. My friend was taking the situation very seriously and feeling guilty about not being a “perfect” mother. I helped her laugh about seeing her 50-year-old son as if he were five years old and her attitude changed instantly. She was able to take herself lightly and see the situation from a neutral perspective.

No matter how disturbing a situation is, a little laughter can lighten the emotional burden. When my husband died, I would tell funny stories about him to help me remember him in a healing manner. The laughter helped me deal with the other emotions surrounding a loss from death. I am sure the laughter helped me move more gracefully through this transition of grief and sadness.

So, remember what we learn in our meditations, that everything comes from within, including your laughter. It is easier to let go, grow and change with what laughter brings to you. Lighten up about life and things flow. Whatever you are taking seriously about yourself, find something about your life to make you laugh.

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