meditating is the wayFrom the time I was a young child, I suffered from a condition that my parents referred to as the “24-hour flu.” That’s because that was how long the debilitating symptoms would last.

I knew when it was going to happen. My vision would be affected. I would feel nauseous. Then an excruciating headache would start. I couldn’t function. I would spend time vomiting. I felt so weak and sick I would have to lie down. My only relief was to sleep in a dark room.

The next day I would be free of most of the symptoms. I would, however, have a dull pain in my head that would worsen with movement. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I learned these symptoms were associated with migraine headaches. If you have ever suffered from one, you may have found familiarity with my described experience.

After becoming involved in CDM in my late teens, I took classes in meditation and spiritual healing. During this time period, I also heard about Kundalini energy. I further learned that headaches, including migraines can be due to blocks related to Kundalini energy flow. Intrigued by the possibility of getting help, I attended a Kundalini Workshop.

A clairvoyant reading demonstration was part of the event. When given the opportunity, I chose to sit in front of the readers and ask a question. I told them about my migraine headaches and asked for information about them. I had an intense emotional response to the information given to me. I sat in front of the readers and event guests and cried and cried and cried. With the information provided and my continued use of meditation and Kundalini energy, I began to heal the issue.

That was in the mid 80’s. As I write this in 2020, I can miraculously report that I have never had another migraine headache since that day. I’m not kidding! In fact, it is extremely rare that I ever get a headache of any kind. Thirty-five years of being headache free. Not all my healing projects have happened this quickly, but meditation and the use of Kundalini energy have definitely helped heal many aspects of my life – physical and spiritual.

I have continued my studies at CDM, including learning more about Kundalini energy. Not only have I enjoyed receiving Kundalini healings and other clairvoyant readings, but I can now also give them to others. How blessed I have been to have this helpful information and this caring spiritual community throughout my life. Thank you CDM and all you have given me, including an opportunity to live a life without headaches!

Everyone is unique in their healing process.
Not everyone will have the same rapid healing that was experienced in this story.

By Sindi Somers

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