Healing Trauma

By: Stacy Rice

Anyone who has experienced trauma in their life knows that it affects the way you see and deal with the world. It can change behavior, reactions, moods and energy levels. When triggered, it can create a lot of confusion. Many people block out their trauma on a conscious level which creates an even more confusing reality. That was my personal experience.

I experienced trauma as a child and blocked it from my conscious memory until my late twenties. I later came to understand that forgetting was a survival tool that helped me cope. During my unconscious life, my responses to things were very confusing and invalidating. For example, it appeared that I had everything going for me, but I wasn’t happy on the inside. I felt ashamed of not being ‘grateful’ for all I had and was confused by my unhappiness. There were normal everyday occurrences that sparked intense fear in me or made me overly angry. Life often didn’t make sense.

Meditation helped to bring these experiences forward into my consciousness and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Meditation is also what helped me cleanse the stored disturbance causing my confusion and unhappiness. Therapy, exercise, talking with friends all helped in different ways. But it wasn’t until I discovered meditation – and specifically the use of Kundalini energy – that helped me get to the spiritual core of the issue. It was then that I could clear the pastime energy that was stored inside me from those painful experiences.

Like many people, I only knew physical techniques to address the intense emotions and memories … but they were not solving the issue. When I added meditation to my toolbelt, everything began to change in a new way. I was able to be in control of my body’s intense emotions instead of them controlling me. I was able to focus in the present moment more effectively instead of re-living the past experiences over and over again. And I was able to release the pain and disturbance from my body that I had stored there for years. What a relief.

Like any new program, it is important to strengthen your skills and set a foundation before jumping into advanced techniques. It is the same with meditation and healing. After many months of meditation, strengthening my spiritual skills and communicating with my body, I learned how to use Kundalini energy. It proved to be one of the most comforting and helpful energies in relation to dealing with my body’s fear and clearing it from the system.

Kundalini energy is a powerful force, but when used in a safe, grounded manner, is soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating and life changing. It moves and clears the old energy stored within – whether it’s pain, fear, hate or someone else’s energy all together – and frees you from it. Facing trauma is not easy. But running Kundalini energy is simple, effortless and calming. I know that I will never forget what happened to me, but I can free myself from the associated disturbance stored within me. My everyday behavior is no longer a result of those specific experiences. And when those fears or behaviors surface, I am much more neutral and able to take charge with my new coping tools.

Our world is full of everything … from pain and trauma to amazing grace and joy. Meditation and Kundalini energy have helped me refocus on myself, my joy and my unique purpose here. If you are searching for a way out of pastime trauma, learn to meditate and use Kundalini energy. Add it to your healing toolbelt and experience the gift of becoming more aware of yourself, the spirit, and your many spiritual healing abilities.

Stacy has been practicing grounding, centering and other foundational meditation techniques –
as well as using Kundalini energy – for many years.

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