Happiness is a giftHave you noticed that happiness is easily shared? When one person is happy that feeling can spark in others if they are receptive.

However, if you are searching for happiness, you will not find it if you are looking outside of yourself. You won’t find happiness if you expect to discover it through other people or something physical like a car, job, money, relationships or anything else outside of you. Your happiness comes from within you. That happy person will only be able to share their happiness with you if you have some within yourself.

Happiness is a natural state of existence when you are spiritually awake. Have you ever felt happy “for no reason”? That is you, the spirit, relating to your body. You may feel happy for being alive or that you can see the brilliance of the trees or any other aspect of your life being enhanced by your spiritual perspective. The experience of happiness in you is a gift to everyone else also. Your happiness radiates from you to everyone around you and stimulates that happy vibration in others. A laughing child is an example of what inner happiness sends to others. You automatically smile when you see a happy child. The amazing happiness parents feel when they see their newly born child is the experience of both physical and spiritual joy because this is a time of spirit and body connection. This spiritual awakening makes you aware of your God or of something wonderful that is bigger than you.

Everyone who meditates creates the opportunity for happiness by turning within and allowing spiritual awareness to emerge. This gift to self automatically expands to the world around us, sharing this gift of happiness. A friend once asked me if I was always so happy. I had never thought of my state of happiness and realized that I was happy most of the time and it came from my focus on my spiritual creativity. Like everyone else, I have created experiences to make me sad, scared, angry and all the other emotions but I am most often happy.

Now you know why your friends who meditate are so disgustingly happy – they are spiritually aware. This awareness gives you a spiritual perspective and helps you rise above your emotional disturbances. You develop more neutrality thus a clear view to see your life.

Give the gift of happiness to yourself and your world. Meditate and begin a new life.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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