Grounding is the most important meditation technique you can learn. It is the foundation on which meditation is built. Everything is energy, and grounding is an energy connector, similar to an electrical ground. It grounds the energy that is you, the spirit, to the energy that is planet Earth. Grounding is simple and powerful. You will discover that grounding creates a strong connection between you and your body, and you and the Earth. Grounding is essential to take control of your life.

Your grounding connection keeps you strong and in touch with your physical creations, including your body. If you are not grounded, you may feel spacey, out of touch, overly emotional, or afraid. Grounding gives you a strong presence in the physical world.

grounding, meditation, spiritual, meditate, ground Grounding helps you be in control of your physical reality, including your intellect and emotions. Grounding gives you safety to create in the physical world. Grounding helps you focus on what you are doing so you are safer, just as you are safer when you drive a car if you are focused on driving.

Grounding can also be used to release energy. You can let go of unwanted or excess energy down your grounding cord. Everything is energy, and you can release energy down your grounding cord to remove it from your body. This release mechanism is helpful when you meditate because you stimulate a great deal of energy that you will want to release, and grounding provides an easy avenue to let go of the unwanted energy.

Grounding makes it possible to meditate in a safe, controlled manner. Practice grounding and you will have success with mediation. As you awaken, learn to ground, and you will enjoy your meditations much more. You will be in charge of what is happening in your universe.

Practice your grounding when you meditate and during your daily life. You can be grounded at all times. You never stop being creative and grounding helps you create consciously and safely. Practice grounding regularly and it will soon become part of your way of operating in the world.

Grounding makes it safe for your body when you meditate and live your life. Practice grounding whenever you mediate, and as often as you can, so you will be in control of your life. Ground and set yourself free.

by Mary Ellen Flora

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