Driving a Troika

HorsesIn my younger years, a spiritual teacher likened my spiritual relationship with my body to driving a “troika,” a Russian three-horse-abreast harness sled team. The horses are powerful and spirited and the driver needs full attention on driving to guide the team safely and effectively.

As I grow older, old habits die hard. I catch myself still wanting to drive my body hard. Although strong and healthy, my body is no longer troika-like. Slowing down and adjusting my energy to accommodate my older body is a challenge needing reminders.

I am project oriented. Perhaps because of many years in academia where success meant pushing myself to achieve an outer goal. Or perhaps, wanting to please as an immigrant in a new country. So, I focus completely on finishing a project, whatever the effect. The price can now be exhaustion and a lowered spiritual vibration.

I judge myself when I see this. I could work at a comfortable pace, taking rest breaks, staying amused, rewarding my body as I go along and being kind to it. I do have my meditation techniques.

Then I recall a young African character in a favorite book saying, “Ha!” or “Ha! Ha!” I can laugh at myself! I am on this incredible planet Earth where even moments of taking myself and life lightly can be a healing and make a big difference.

I am spirit in a dance of balance with my body. I am a bright spark of God with an inner voice reassuring my body I love it, young or older. The refrains of an old song come to mind, “…pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.” We are imperfect in our growing. How else could we learn?

By Lembi Kongas

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