By: Mary Ellen Flora

How many ways can we emphasize the importance of breathing? Number one is the fact that without the breath to inhale oxygen, the body cannot live. Without breath, the body does not have energy to function. In fact, oxygen coming in with each breath is the one thing bodies cannot do without for any length of time.

Breath for the life of the physical body is obvious, but breath for the body to be able to accept and operate from spiritual guidance is important also. We can use our breath to change our body in more subtle ways. We can increase our ability to spiritually use our body to manifest into this world and bring spiritual awakening into our physical consciousness. Planet Earth is an experiment in the manifestation of Divine Energy into human bodies. Thus, the denial of someone’s breath is not only death to the body, but also an attempt to destroy spiritual awareness within the body. No one has the right to deny breath to any other soul.

You may say, “I never killed or tried to kill anyone” but did you take someone’s breath away by frightening, invalidating, threatening or judging them? Do you have such a strong prejudice that you are suffocating people without admitting it? Our challenge is to allow our spiritual nature to manifest in the body to influence and take charge of our physical or animal nature – instead of allowing the body’s fear, hate, prejudice and other survival based behavior to take over and cut off anyone’s breath, including your own breath.

Breathe in and breathe out. Allow your fear to leave with your breath and your spiritual light to enter your body with each inward breath. Clear your body of its survival lies, such as prejudice, hate and destruction of others. Let go of any teachings or patterns that cause your fear and for you to deny breath to you or others.

Too many people all over the world have had to sacrifice their bodies to help humanity wake up to the spiritual reality that we are all spirit and brothers and sisters in God. What will it require for us to wake up as humanity to the fact that we are here to manifest love? Any belief or act of yours takes us farther away or closer to creating a spiritually aware world. What are you doing to create spiritual awareness?

You do not have to be as dynamic as Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi to create change. You can change your world by changing yourself. Look within and discover what you have that is evil and breathe it out. When you breathe in, you will have more space within your physical system to bring in spiritual awareness. Without your awareness of yourself and everyone else as spirit, you create evil such as fear, greed, hate, prejudice, judgment and other aspects of division. No one will ever become “perfect,” but you can learn to create less evil and more benefit in your world.

Begin within and learn to love yourself by clearing any lack of love for yourself out of your body, and then you can have space for love within you to share with others. This is a process and possible as long as you can breathe.

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