Are You Comfortable with Yourself?

FamilyWith so much time with yourself during our self-isolation, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself in a new way. Problems can arise when you look only at your physical characteristics. Many people become self-critical and find fault with their appearance, behavior, relationships and other creations. Often people forget to focus on their spiritual nature or even to acknowledge their spirituality.

This is a time when meditation is so important. You now have extra time and space to awaken spiritually. You do not have as much outside distraction unless you pull it into your present space. You have the opportunity and need to make the choice to turn within with meditation.

When you focus only on your body you are creating from your emotions and your intellect, both body characteristics. If you add your spiritual awareness, you focus on neutrality, grounding, present time focus and a different perspective of your life. If you depend completely on your body characteristics you will use your emotions and intellect to deal with your life and your perspective will always be either emotional or intellectual. For example, if you are irritated with your partner or child, when you meditate you can practice grounding, neutrality and focusing in the present moment. You can rise above your emotions and experience patience and allow neutrality about the situation. You may realize he/she is not simply an irritant: “Oh, he is afraid and just needs attention and reassurance”, instead of, “don’t bother me now”.

You will not realize how much meditation can affect your view of yourself and others until you practice meditation using grounding and neutrality. You can develop a spiritual perspective of neutrality, patience, being grounded and present in the moment. If you operate from a strictly body perspective, you will be emotional and intellectual. Life is truly enhanced by your spiritual presence and meditation provides your spirit/body communication and balance. When your body takes over with excess emotional reaction or goes around in circles trying to figure things out, you can be quiet with meditation and allow your spiritual guidance to prevail.

You will eventually discover that you are spirit, the light and life of your body, not just a body. Ideally you, the spirit, are in charge of your life, not your body. From this perspective, you can be in control of your emotions and your intellect. Instead of being irritated and disturbed, you can create patience and acceptance. You can rise above your body’s noise through meditation and discovering that you are spirit.

Practicing meditation daily helps you train your body to accept you, the spirit. So if you experience being overly emotional and/or having a runaway intellect, use meditation to learn to know the real you, the spirit. Continue meditation to train your body to receive you and balance your duality of spirit and body.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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