AngryAre you angry? Good! Anger is a higher vibration than your fear. Both fear and anger are emotions from your body. Fear freezes action, while anger helps you move in some manner – at least to move above the debilitating emotion of fear.

There are, of course, better methods of rising above fear such as creating, being happy, amusement or any other higher vibration. The problem is the difficulty of jumping straight from fear to joy. It can be done, but we humans usually need to climb the emotional ladder from fear to joy with anger as a lower step along the way.

You are not creative when in fear or anger, but fear is non-motion while anger has some energetic motion to move you toward your creative energy level. You can learn to ground your body, from your first chakra to the center of the Earth, so you can release your anger without harming or affecting others. Once you learn grounding, you can let your anger energy flow down your grounding cord into the Earth without disturbance to others.

When we are aware that we are spirit and not just our body, we can learn to rise above the physical body and have a spiritual view above the emotions. So, if you are afraid and want to change, learn to ground and safely be angry to help you move on to your next level to reach creativity. Get over judging anger and learn to use it safely to help you be in charge of your emotions. Learn to accept all of your emotions so you, the spirit, can take charge of your body and your life.

Everyone has reason to be afraid and angry at this particular transition time on Earth. Our world is changing rapidly, and regardless of our attempts to stop or alter the Earth changes, we must deal with this transformation as it is. The thing human bodies fear most is death. The fear comes from a lack of knowledge and believing that we are just the bodies that die. Most humans do not know we are spirit and not the bodies we inhabit. Death is an aspect of life in a human body. All bodies die while spirit is an eternal part of the Divine Cosmic. While bodies fear death, we can learn to rise above the fear in order to live life to the fullest.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, we can use our spiritual awareness and techniques to know ourselves as spirit and accept the physical bodies as they are. This spiritual awareness can change our view of the world. We can more easily accept the present time reality of the physical world which allows us to change and grow with greater clarity. When we find peace and perspective, we share this with the world. Our fear and anger diminish and our spiritual view increases, so we can see how to move forward safely and creatively.

You are eternal spirit and responsible for your physical body. Take control of your emotions by using your spiritual techniques of grounding, centering and present time to take charge of your body’s emotions and see clearly what you need to do now.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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