PregnantYes, the world is experiencing amazing change. The changes are occurring so rapidly, we are feeling fear which causes stress. We feel out of control of our lives, causing our bodies to create the fight or flight reaction of excess adrenaline. Do we fight or run? Oh dear, we have to be still and stay inside. Welcome to the time of transformation when we need to turn within to quiet our bodies so we can become aware of our spiritual natures.

This is not a time to gather together but a time to be separate and introspective. This is an opportunity to take time for you to discover your unique, spiritual self. You are spirit, a spark of the Divine Force. Even though your body takes a great deal of your attention, you – the spirit – are the light and life of your body. Now is an opportunity to quiet your body and allow your spiritual spark to arise in your physical consciousness.

Turn off the TV, radio, computer and all outside influences and tune in to you, the spirit. When you allow the awareness of yourself, your fear and stress diminish. When you bring your light into this body of yours, the adrenaline slows to a normal level. You no longer feel a need to fight or run. You, the spirit, take charge of your body and it is no longer so afraid.

“How do I accomplish this?” – you ask. The way to accomplish bringing your spiritual consciousness into your physical body is so simple you may have difficulty accepting its simplicity. You need to learn to meditate. A specific set of meditation techniques will train your body to accept and adjust to you, the spirit. Three techniques are enough for you to begin your opening: grounding, centering in your head, and present time. These spiritual techniques are available in our Online Instruction as a gift to you.

When you become desperate enough to learn and practice grounding, centering and present time, you will soon learn how much your body needs you. You, the spirit, are meant to guide your body; and in this time of change, it truly needs your guidance. Read the testimonials and see the benefits others have received.

We cannot have change all around us and not expect change within us. What will it take to awaken us to ourselves? Humans are often resistant to change but there has come a time that change is here and we cannot avoid it. It is time to turn within and accept your changes.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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