Age is not a limitMany years ago, I told my students I would have to wait for their children to understand what I was teaching. Well, I had to wait for their grandchildren and they have arrived.

All over the world, young people are manifesting a spiritual and physical maturity not displayed by many adults. While most adults are arguing over foolish issues, younger people are discussing and acting on facts of life such as equality, education, planetary survival and much more.

The amazing maturity of many of today’s youth comes from their spiritual awareness. Their ability to be neutral and see life as it is gives them the courage and strength to acknowledge and act. The new youth are here to change the world by raising our vibration to a higher level to deal with reality as it is, not as it was or some fantasy reality. Our world is changing so rapidly it appears crazy, but is how life is now. The youth today are helping people focus on the present reality and what the world needs now.

A few examples of young leaders are: Greta Thurnberg, Malala Yousafzai and David Hogg. There are thousands more youth leaders around the world. These souls have arrived to help our world through challenging times and millions are joining them to create necessary awakening and change.

How can you help? Regardless of your age, you can discover ways to help from small to large. First, educate yourself; then act in any way you can. For example: stop using plastic; use bamboo products instead of paper from trees; eat less meat; donate to groups that help people, animals and the planet; be kind and help those in need; use Earth friendly transportation and products, plus hundreds more ways to create health for planet Earth. Most important, wake up to yourself and your power to have an impact.

Regardless of your age, you can focus in the present on what is happening here and now and respond. The best way to focus in the present and develop neutrality is to meditate. By turning within, you discover your power and your talents and see how to fulfill your part as a leader or participant in healing our planet and its inhabitants.

Meditate and discover your power to be part of the healing.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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