beliveFaith is not as popular a word as it used to be. Possibly the word belief is more acceptable in today’s world. Either word can apply to what we hold true. We can believe in or have faith in anything. The point is, we create from our beliefs or what we have faith in, so we need to realize what our beliefs are.

It is important to evaluate your beliefs throughout your life. What you believed at age five will evolve through time. This is where meditation becomes so important. Your quiet, internal focus helps you evaluate your beliefs through time. You learn to eliminate and create your beliefs as you grow and mature. You are able to evaluate your parent’s beliefs and keep or let go of them as you evolve. Your parents may have believed they must be poor, but you created abundance and need to create new beliefs to have and enjoy what you have created.

What if your society had a prejudice against a particular racial group and you married a partner from that group? You would need a method to clear the beliefs you had been taught from childhood. That is where meditation is needed – to help you discover both the obvious and the subtle prejudices you have been taught to believe, and stored within your system.

Beliefs are not chiseled in stone, including the basis of our faith. You may believe you have faith in God, but you may believe that God must be a certain way. If your God is not that certain way, you would lose your faith. A young man was a devout Christian until his beliefs developed into conflict. He believed that God was only good, but then how could God create such horrible happenings? The young man did not have any beliefs that humans are responsible for their actions but believed that God was in charge of everything. With these conflicts in his beliefs, he grew not to believe in God any longer. So, his belief about God was so constricting, he was unable to maintain his faith in God.

Another man I read about in the news was in prison for thirty-six years for a crime he did not commit. During that time, he sang and attended church and believed he would be freed. He also watched American Idol on television and believed he would be on the show. All these things happened because he had the faith they would occur. He believed these things so strongly, he created them.

You create from your beliefs, and your faith is strengthened or diminished by your beliefs. What you believe, you create. Meditation is important in helping you evaluate your beliefs, so you can create what you desire in the present. What you believe, you create. So be aware of your beliefs and know that you can change them whenever you desire. You can change from being needy to being strong, simply by changing a belief.

You are a spark of the Divine. So, believe in yourself and have faith in who you are.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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