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In the early 90’s I was living in the Tacoma area and I was looking for something, I didn’t know what. I had this emptiness in me. I went to many different groups and didn’t feel a connection. I started going to a Church, but it just didn’t feel right. Something was wrong with me, right? Wrong!

A friend of mine found CDM and three of us went there on a Sunday. They had Church Service followed by a brunch.  Then they had a Healing Festival in the afternoon. I received an aura healing and went to a Meditation Workshop. Before the day was over, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I took the basic classes and more. 

Marion B.

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening is written for those seeking validation of their spiritual abilities and the ways and means to tap into them. It provides a road map for the healer who wishes to change self and world… and it’s packed with information, insight and encouragement for all travelers on the journey within.

Northwest Literature, Bellingham, WA

The Sunday Meditation audios are a wonderful healing. When you close your eyes, it’s as if Mary Ellen is physically present. It’s a weekly boost to meditate with the group on a timely topic.

Deb T.

I am giving this testimonial because CDM is a wonderful place to do personal growth, healing, and to learn extremely helpful self management techniques. CDM’s approach is totally respectful, and even nurturing, and through what I am learning at CDM I have been better able to respect and to nurture myself. CDM has been a huge benefit for me. I am giving this testimonial to you because I feel so grateful, and because I want to spread the word.

Joe S.

CDM techniques are still my most valuable tools, everyday and with many people.

Susie B.

I am so grateful that I know my spiritual techniques. They have helped keep me sane in these times of great Earth changes.

Shannon F.

I spent years looking for something – something to fill the emptiness. I checked out many spiritual games, but soon left. In January 1992 I walked into CDM, and I’m still here at CDM! I realized later that I had been looking for me, the spirit.


CDM has helped me clear blocks to loving myself and helped me give to myself more. My first child died in 1984, and CDM has been invaluable with helping me process that loss. It also has helped me better enjoy the many blessings I have.

Phoebe B.

CDM has become a great deal more than just a school to me. Having used the two years I’ve been involved to change and heal, I’ve found myself approaching my entire life differently. A church is no longer a place of rules and guilt, but a symbol of amusement, community, fun, and healing. I am able to accept permission to make the changes I want to make, receive change, and heal. And that using the techniques will put me in charge of my own life.

Dylan E.

With this Meditation I Class, I got a clear understanding of my relationship between my spirit and my body. I have gained some amazing tools that have already begun to help me create a life I love.

Michelle N.

Thanks to the techniques I’ve learned at CDM, I have learned to laugh at myself and love myself even during challenging days. And the best news is that everything keeps on getting better. I keep thinking, “Okay this must be it; this is as good as it gets because life is great!” Then lo and behold, it gets even better. I have created more joy, love, fun and happiness than I ever thought was possible, especially the fun part!

Cindy S.