Psychic Readings

A CDM reading gives you a neutral view of yourself and your life. The reader uses clairvoyance or clear spiritual sight to read you and your creations. Our readers have years of experience and provide clarity, neutrality and amusement.


Sunday Meditation 

Rejuvenate yourself during this guided meditation time every Sunday.  Experience the power of a group meditating together as you enhance your inner focus. Everyone is welcome!

Healing Time

All healing is change. So, an aura healing assists you to let go of energies that you no longer want and enhance your unique vibration. Experience the spiritual cleansing and motion of an aura healing.

“Healing is happening all the time. We only need to open our awareness to experience the miracle of healing happening in and around us.” – Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance by Mary Ellen Flora

Psychic Abilities Demonstration

Confused about something in your life? Ask a question of a clairvoyant reader to increase your clarity and certainty around your specific question. Learn meditation techniques to validate and enhance your unique clairvoyant abilities as well.

Healing Circle

Participate in this guided meditation focused on healing those in need and our planet. Use your unique healing abilities and techniques to heal yourself and to help our world. Prerequisite: Meditation I

What a fun spiritual community!  I just attended the Sunday Meditation on ‘Letting Go of Doubt’, had a fantastic lunch, received my very first aura healing and then attended a Psychic Abilities Demonstration.  What a day!  I’ve never experienced anything quite like this.  I just met these people and I feel as if I’ve known them forever.  I learned new meditation techniques, enjoyed my first spiritual healing and received information from the psychic readers that blew me away.  I love this place!
Chuck P.

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Male and Female Energies:
The Balancing Act

Discover how to balance the dichotomies of spirit and body and male and female within you. Learn about soul mates. Gain insight into how to improve your communication. Change your view of the world!

“Male and female energies are vibrations that exist in everything. They exist in every body whether of the male or female gender. Men and women have both of these vibrations with which to create and communicate. These energies are of a spiritual as well as a physical nature, and we can learn to master their use in our creativity on Earth. We need to balance the male-female dichotomy in order for the system to work. If you have too much positive or negative, the light will not shine. Light and life depend on a balance of opposites.”