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“Meditation is the way within to spiritual awakening. All of your answers can be found within you and meditation opens the book of you.” — Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening

Mary Ellen is an internationally known author, teacher and speaker. She is the author of numerous spiritual works and currently resides, writes and teaches in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Since 1976, she has taught thousands of people how to enrich their lives by using the spiritual techniques presented in her books, classes and audio offerings. The information is presented simply and with amusement, and helps the reader discover their unique spiritual path and nature.

Mary Ellen’s works:

  • The Key Series of books and audios teach simple, spiritual techniques on meditation, healing, clairvoyance and chakras.
  • The Energy Series of books describe and teach how different energies can be used to create desired change.
  • The eBook, Angels Don’t Need Wings, shares a unique view of angels and their impact on our lives.
  • Mary Ellen’s other offerings include dozens of guided meditations, blog posts and instructional videos that teach about spiritual awakening in the physical world.

All of her works are currently available through the CDM Spiritual Center Store.

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In her books and recordings, Mary Ellen Flora teaches simple, powerful spiritual techniques using ancient wisdom in modern language.


“Many people call me from various parts of the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of our world asking for assistance in their life creations. This book is for those who do not have access to a teacher to help them as well as for those who want a refresher on the techniques. The simple techniques presented can help anyone who uses them to create a meditative state to receive his or her unique spiritual information.” — From Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening


These audio presentations contain different content than the books by the same name. Each audio contains 30 minutes of instruction on techniques, and 30 minutes of guided meditation. Each audio is unique according to the topic.



She has also written the Energy Series books, which describe the various energies available for spiritual creativity on planet Earth including a definitive book on Kundalini Awakening.


Mary Ellen has also written Angels Don’t Need Wings a delightful view of angels and their impact on our lives.

“Angels work for God, not for humans, and often bring information that humans struggle with until they see the larger, spiritual picture. Angels can be full of surprises.” –Mary Ellen Flora, Angels Don’t Need Wings


Mary Ellen has recorded dozens of guided meditations that help people access powerful spiritual tools in meditation and in daily life. Visit the Guided Meditations page and get inspired!


Enjoy the inspiration, insight and instruction offered in Mary Ellen’s numerous blog posts. Visit our Spiritually Focused Blog page to learn more!

All books and audio are available from CDM Publications through the CDM Spiritual Center Store.

Selected products are also available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Ancient principles for today’s world

Although life has changed over the centuries, the body-spirit connection has not.

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“Welcome to our website. Explore our information and discover new aspects of yourself.”

– Mary Ellen Flora, author and teacher

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