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Learn to turn within and know yourself. Balance your life by awakening to your spiritual nature and respecting your physical characteristics. Learn grounding, centering, and conscious movement of your energies.

Everyone can learn to meditate! Meditation is the key to a happier healthier you. This eBook will teach you some very simple and powerful meditation techniques that you can use any time and anywhere. Learn to reduce stress and improve your relationships.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora
3rd Edition
1st book in the Key Series

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Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening
Written by Mary Ellen Flora

Meditation is magic! Receive the gift of five of the ancient spiritual mysteries to help you turn within and identify yourself as spirit. Learn to know your spiritual nature and abilities and how to access your spiritual information.

Meditation is a wonderful journey filled with surprises. When you use the spiritual techniques to turn within, you connect with aspects of yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness you may not presently know exist. Take charge of your life through meditation and receive the amazing benefits of spiritual awakening. Join Mary Ellen Flora in this journey within and discover yourself.

Meditation is amazingly healing. Heal yourself spiritually and physically by learning to balance your spirit and body duality. Experience your spiritual nature and grow to respect your physical characteristics. Use the ancient spiritual techniques to discover your beauty, power, and talents.

These easy techniques, taught in a modern format include:
• Grounding
Center of Your Head
• Spiritual Experience
• Running Energy
• The Aura
• And much more

Learn the benefits of meditating with others and a simple guided meditation that everyone can practice.

“As each individual meditates, communication with God is enhanced for all humanity. When you create your life from your spiritual information, rather than from your physical desires, you raise your awareness and the awareness of those with whom you come in contact. Meditation is the process through which you can heal yourself and your world. It is the path back to your spiritual awareness and your open relationship with God.”

Customer Reviews:

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening is written for those seeking validation of their spiritual abilities and the ways and means to tap into them. It provides a roadmap for the healer who wishes to change self and world…and it’s packed with information, insight and encouragement for all travelers on the journey within.”
-Northwest Literature, Bellingham, WA

“Reading this book for the first time changed my life. The idea that the book is now available to the entire world via e-book is thrilling to me. I recently read the book beginning to end in just a few hours from the viewpoint of “What if this were all new to me and I were learning it for the first time?” I woke up the next day feeling happier than I have ever remembered being in this lifetime. I remembered who I am, how easy and light I can be, and that I am a part of God. That high level of euphoria, lightness, and peace lasted for several days. I will never forget the experience. I continue to use the spiritual techniques taught in this book to heal myself and to create my life the way I want it to be. What a gift to now have this information available via eBook for the whole world. Thank you Mary Ellen for this wondrous book!” -Deborah Taylor, November 2011

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Publisher: CDM Publications, 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1-886983-28-1
Language: English
Edition: 3rd
Series: The Key Series, 1
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