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Kundalini I Class Graduates

Kundalini I Class Graduates

Welcome to an exciting spiritual awakening opportunity. Every aspect of CDM Spiritual Center offers you a wealth of personal discovery and spiritual opening.


In CDM Meditation Class, you learn techniques that are the foundation of all the spiritual work at CDM. With these techniques you participate in the group to create the spiritual energy of CDM.
Come and meditate with the group at Sunday Meditation Hour.


Healing is change and CDM creates a self-healing opportunity at every activity!
Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Participate in healing yourself and others during a variety of healing focused activities.
CDM offers Healing Times, which are specific times when CDM participants gather to give and receive healings.
Everyone is welcome to come and participate.

Psychic Readings

A great way to become acquainted with CDM and to know yourself better! Readings can be conducted in person or long-distance. It is easy to schedule a reading at CDM!


Throughout the year, CDM offers a variety of public events including workshops, lectures, special meditations, and retreats. You can also join CDM’s mailing list and receive updates and news of upcoming events!


We are able to operate because of generous volunteer participation. CDM volunteers give on every level. Some provide spiritual healings and psychic readings to our members and guests. Others clean and maintain our building and grounds. And others create posters, do office work, plan events, and serve on our Board of Directors. The giving is abundant!

Our volunteers provide a strong foundation for our Spiritual Center and enable us to offer our many services to the larger community. Share your gifts with us by volunteering! We will help you match your specific talents with projects at CDM.


Enjoy the company of like-minded people focused on spiritual awakening while participating in potluck meals, parties, auctions, wine ceremonies, dances, coffee houses, and other fun activities.


Are you interested in joining the CDM community? Become a member and gain access to numerous extra benefits and an advanced program of study. Benefits include a 30-Minute Psychic Reading, book discounts, and special events for members only.


Share your spiritual experiences with the world by writing a blog for Submit your blog for review.

Take charge and join CDM Spiritual Center on your journey to self-discovery!

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You have within you inexhaustible treasure chests of information, wisdom and insight – your chakras. This book is your treasure map!

Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening
is a clear and concise guide to getting to know yourself as spirit.  Exercises or meditations are provided in each chapter enabling the reader to apply what he or she learns in a safe and powerful daily meditation for the purpose of awakening their energy in each chakra and to “read” that chakra’s information.” — The Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI