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Welcome to our Online Instruction! Enjoy the meditation instruction below including written instruction, Guided Meditations (audio), Workshops and Classes (audio and video). Use these at your leisure to enhance your meditations and assist you on your spiritual journey.

You will also find inspiration and information in our spiritually focused Blog Posts and in our books and audio offerings on the CDM Spiritual Center store.

Meditation Instruction

This written instruction focuses on the fundamentals of meditation. Enjoy this series of classes to assist you on your spiritual journey:

Guided Meditations

These non-scripted meditations are recorded live at CDM and presented by author Mary Ellen Flora from her years of experience and personal use of the techniques.

The meditations are approximately thirty minutes long and include the techniques of grounding, centering, and using gold energy to help you focus in the present moment on the topic presented.

Blog Posts

These blog posts focus on people’s spiritual experiences and how the spiritual techniques taught at CDM affect their lives. There are posts about compassion, spiritual awakening, forgiveness, death, clairvoyance, the importance of grounding and much more. Enjoy!

Workshops – coming soon!

meditation Class

Discover and practice the fundamentals of meditation through these online Workshops.

The spiritual techniques presented are based on the belief that everyone is spirit, the light and life of the body.


Rediscover yourself, the spirit, and your unique purpose. The classes assist you to validate what you know, own your power and consciously create what you want.

  • Live Online Classes

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  • Recorded Online Classes –
  • coming soon!

eBooks and Audio Downloads

Our publications teach powerful, spiritual techniques based on the ancient mysteries and validate both spirit and body. The techniques presented are simple, practical and can be used in all aspects of life, from quiet meditation to everyday experiences.

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The spiritual techniques taught at CDM are so simple but powerful. I was able to change my beliefs about money and relationships which helped me buy a house and meet the man of my dreams. — Chelsey S.

CDM is such a gift to me, to the community, and to the world. The tools presented, such as grounding and centering, are easy to use and yet very powerful. They help me make the change I desire and to better understand myself and the world. — Michael C.

I am using these wonderful techniques to assist me through a major life transition of losing my job unexpectedly after 36 years. They help me to keep moving through many intense emotions such as anger, excitement, relief, and sadness and maintain a more neutral perspective! — Rosie L.

Rediscover Yourself The Spirit

rediscover yourself the spirit

Spiritual eBooks, Books & Audio

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