Class Two:

Your Neutral View

The center of your head is your neutral space where you can clearly see what is, instead of what you wish were true or what others wish you to see. This neutral perspective allows you, the spirit, to be in charge of your creativity in the physical world, for example, being responsible for your body. Being in the center of your head and neutral is like being in the driver’s seat of your car instead of in the trunk.

You stay in touch with both your body and yourself, the spirit, when centered in your head and neutral. Your neutrality allows you to be above the emotional noise of your body. Your clairvoyant ability is located in your sixth chakra in the center of your head and gives you a spiritual view of your physical world. You, the spirit, stimulate your sixth chakra when focused in your head.

PREPARE TO MEDITATE. Sit in a straight-backed chair, feet on the floor and hands in your lap. Take a few deep breaths. Refer to previous classes for more detail.

GROUND from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. When you have established your grounding cord from you to the Earth, focus into the center of your head, a little above and behind your eyes.

ALLOW THE BRIGHT LIGHT that is you, the spirit, to focus into the center of your head to illuminate your center of neutrality.

BE STILL to adjust to your high spiritual vibration. Be a little above and behind your eyes where you, the spirit, experience neutrality.

BE AWARE of a personal issue about which you are not neutral and view it while you are focused in the center of your head. Notice any difference in your perspective when centered in your head and grounded.

USE YOUR GROUNDING to release anything keeping you from being in the center of your head and neutral. The body may require time to adjust to your presence and to this new neutral perspective.

BE STILL AND FOCUS on being in neutral where you are not overwhelmed by your body’s emotions. Release any excess emotion you wish to diminish down your grounding cord to enhance your neutrality.

MEDITATE ON BEING NEUTRAL. Allow time for your body to adjust to your spiritual presence and your spiritual view of life. When you have finished with your meditation, bend forward and release energy. Sit up and continue with your activities.

PRACTICE being neutral in your meditations and daily life.

BE CENTERED in your head and develop your clairvoyance.

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