Class Two:

Grounding for Energy Release

Grounding has many benefits such as: enhancing spirit and body connection and communication, creating physical safety and stability and opening spiritual awareness in your body.

Grounding is also a technique for releasing energy from your body and spiritual energy system. Everything is energy so you can release anything down your grounding cord. Releasing energy is a powerful healing technique. Begin by creating your grounding cord.

ESTABLISH YOUR MEDITATION SPACE by sitting in a comfortable, straight backed chair. Place your hands separately in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. Take some deep breaths and relax. Close your eyes and focus within.

CREATE YOUR GROUNDING cord from your first chakra, near the base of your spine, to the center of the Earth. Allow the foundation of grounding to help you create a safe space for your body to receive you, the spirit. Say hello to your body with grounding and notice your body’s response.

Your body operates differently from the way you the spirit create. To help you, the spirit, create through your body, you need to release various energies from your system to allow your spiritual energies to flow into your body. Bodies tend to hold tension because they resist the disturbances you have in your body. This resistance, ie: tension, interferes with your spiritual flow. Your body may even resist you, the spirit, and your high vibration, thus experiencing tension. Your grounding helps your body feel safe and thus not as resistant and tense. You can use your grounding cord to release your body’s tension and other disturbances to assist your meditation.

ESTABLISH YOUR MEDITATION POSITION AND GROUNDING. Tune into one tension in your body. Take a few deep breaths and release the tension down your grounding cord. Allow the tension to be like ice being melted by warm water and let it flow down your grounding cord into the Earth. Tune into another area of tension in your body and release it down your grounding cord. Everything is energy so this energy now stored as tension in your body can flow into the Earth and be transformed to be used in another form. Allow time for your body to release the unwanted energy and to adjust to the change.

You are spirit and your body is your vessel through which you create and communicate. Releasing disturbing energy down your grounding cord creates more space for you, the spirit, in your physical system as well as easier access to your body. Releasing excess emotions, intellectual noise, tension, pain and other disturbing energies allows openness between you and your body. Practice releasing tension down your grounding cord and then allow yourself to release other energies. You will also find it helpful to release effort from your body down your grounding cord when practicing any spiritual technique since spirit creates without effort.

You, the spirit, are constantly creating thus you need to constantly release. Ground, release, enjoy!

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