Meditation For All

This is a continuing instruction series focusing on the fundamentals of meditation. Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Class Three:

Spirit Creating Through A Body

Spirit can create inside of a body or outside of a body. Spirit is pure energy not bound by physical form unless it chooses to create through a body. Spirit creates pictures, formulas, vibrations, and more when outside of physical form and continues to create on these and many other levels when inside a physical body. When we are in a body, we create from our desires and beliefs. We can learn to be in charge of our creativity by meditating on these beliefs and desires. We can change what we create with our choices.

Why do we take bodies? We choose to create through a body because it offers so much focused information, stimulation, learning opportunity, and experience. We grow at a more focused level in a body, like sunlight through a magnifying glass instead of diffused in the sky. Our energies are manifested in physical form and focused for our learning and growth.

Creating through a body is an incredible opportunity for spirit. There are also many challenges in fulfilling the opportunities you create. The first challenge is remembering you are spirit and have a body, and then realizing spirit and body are different and how each functions. Souls are usually in touch with themselves as spirit and with God when they are born and enjoy discovering and experimenting with the body. “Oh, boy! A toe!” But souls soon meet the challenge of the world convincing them that they are “just a body” and not part of the Cosmic Whole. Unawareness is planted and usually grows into a “spiritual sleep”. The soul hopefully chooses to reawaken to its spiritual nature and live as spirit instead of “just a body”. This is all part of the learning process of spirit creating through a physical body; awakening to one’s spiritual nature within one’s physical vessel.

Give your body attention and begin to recognize that you are spirit and not your body so you can use your body effectively. Turn within with meditation and awaken to your spiritual self and your awareness of how to use your body.

SIT IN A QUIET PLACE in a straight-backed chair. Place your hands separated in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. Relax your body with deep breaths.

LISTEN TO YOUR BREATHING and heart beat to focus on yourself and your body.

USE YOUR BODY CONSCIOUSLY by releasing tension from it through your breathing.

BREATHE IN CALM, breathe out tension. Allow time to relax with your breathing. Use slow deep breathing.

CONSCIOUSLY CREATE what you desire.

BREATHE IN what you desire and breathe out what you seek to cleanse. Allow time for your body to change.

FOCUS ON ONE BELIEF you wish to change and use your breathing to change and heal. Breathe in your present desire and breathe out your unwanted belief.

YOU ARE SPIRIT, YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY. You, the spirit, are the creator of your life and your body is the physical expression of your creativity.

RESPECT BOTH LEVELS OF YOUR CREATIVITY by meditating to bring spirit and body together in harmony. Learn to ground and enhance your process.

PRACTICE:  Meditate on what you are creating in your body.

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