Class Three:

Grounding Facilitates Self Healing

Grounding is healing! Grounding creates change and change is healing. You are spirit and the grounding you create between your body and the Earth heals your relationship with everything. Your grounding connection with your body and Earth creates stability and focus, both healing vibrations.

SIT IN YOUR MEDITATION POSTURE in a straight backed chair, with your hands and feet separated. Be aware of your first chakra, close to the base of your spine, and create a flow of energy from the bottom of your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Be aware of the change in your body when you ground.

Grounding allows you to focus and know what is occurring in your body so you can make desired changes to heal. For example, you may ground and discover tension in your body. You can use your grounding cord to release the tension from your body to heal it. Grounding allows you to release anything interfering with your healing process. Healing is change and grounding creates a no effort method of releasing energy to change.

USING YOUR MEDITATION POSTURE and your grounding, tune into some interference to being in your body.

ALLOW THE INTERFERENCE to flow out of your body, down your grounding cord.

BREATHE DEEPLY and allow your body to relax. Allow the interference to flow down your grounding cord to the Earth effortlessly.

USE THE TENSION leaving your body to enhance your grounding cord and flow into the Earth to be recycled as neutral earth energy.

You can ground off any unwanted energy from your body to heal. The first step to self healing is to know yourself and grounding gives you self knowledge. Ground and you begin to heal. Continue to ground and you experience revelations to use in self healing. Use your grounding to release unwanted energies and you heal on a new level. What do you want to change? Grounding will help you accomplish this self healing by creating stability and focus, and by opening your awareness to the spiritual realm. Ground and you heal!

SIT QUIETLY; ALLOW YOUR GROUNDING CORD TO FLOW from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Breathe deeply, relax your body and release unwanted energy down your grounding cord. Sit quietly and experience how your grounding is affecting your body. Is your body calmer, quieter, and  more focused?

NOTICE HOW GROUNDING is healing you, the spirit, and your body, ie: more communication with your body, focus, increased awareness, and so forth.

FOCUS ON YOUR GROUNDING and allow time to experience its healing flow.

You can ground at any time and place so grounding can be a constant healing for you, the spirit, and your body. Practice grounding during your quiet meditation and you will learn to use grounding in your life.

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