Class Three:

Experiencing Non-Judgement

Through the ages humans have been taught to judge as a survival technique. Since there is so much programming about judgement, it takes time and focus to clear this physical perspective. Grounding is necessary during this cleansing because so much judgment is based on survival issues.

People judge others for their religion, skin color, gender, location and anything else that appears to make them different and divide them. We also judge ourselves for many things such as body characteristics, physical possessions and so forth.

When you release judgement you free yourself from a prison of lies. This requires neutrality and the willingness to release the judgement programming. You cannot clear judgement with effort or another variety of judgement. You need meditation and the gift of release and forgiveness to experience non-judgement.

Enjoy the process of freeing yourself from judgement.

GROUND and prepare to meditate by sitting in an upright position in a straight back chair. Put your feet flat on the floor and your hands separated in your lap.

BREATHE DEEPLY and relax your body. Release any fear down your grounding cord to reassure your body it is safe while you release judgement.

FOCUS your bright light into the center of your head a little above and behind your eyes. Allow your body to adjust to being centered in neutral and grounded.

BE AWARE of one thing you judge about yourself. Use your grounding to release this judgement from your body.

MEDITATE ON releasing this judgement down your grounding cord and notice if your body responds.

BE AWARE of something or someone you judge outside yourself and use your grounding to release it from your body.

MEDITATE ON releasing the judgement and notice if your body responds.

MEDITATE ON releasing judgement in general each time you ground and center and you will free yourself to see the world from a neutral perspective.

TO END YOUR MEDITATION bend forward and release energy from your head, shoulders and arms. Sit up and resume your activities.

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