Class Six:

Grounding and Daily Life

Your life is a spiritual creation. You, the spirit, have created your body to be your vessel for your spiritual expression. You are creating your physical experiences to learn and grow. Grounding is the foundation for your daily life both physically and spiritually. Grounding creates stability and focus for your body and all of your physical creations. Grounding puts you, the spirit, in charge of these creations, your healing and your life.

Daily life is not a series of random events. Your daily life is your creative dance where you adopt and discard beliefs, experiment with various options, and create in every way on many levels. Grounding is the most effective spiritual tool for you to use in this creative process of living in a human body.

Spirit creates in a very different way than body and grounding allows these two creative forces to work together. If spirit does not ground from the first chakra, spirit may create outside of the body. This leaves the body on its own to create only with emotions and intellect. Grounding unites spirit and body and allows the spiritual flow of energy and information into the physical consciousness.

Grounding allows daily life to change from disturbance to calm, from “I am afraid and helpless” to “I can see alternatives, I am not alone.” Grounding keeps your daily life in motion and on the track you, the spirit, desire. If you are tired of a daily life of trauma and drama learn to ground.

PREPARE YOUR BODY for meditation by sitting in a straight-backed chair with your feet separate and flat on the floor and your hands separated in your lap.

BREATHE slowly and deeply with your attention on your breathing.

GROUND from the bottom of your first chakra to the center of the earth.

BE AWARE of your body’s response to being grounded. You, the spirit, are creating your grounding and your body will respond in some way.

BEGIN THE DIALOGUE with your body so you create a daily life of spirit/body balance. Talk with your body and let it talk with you. Learn to know both aspects of yourself – spirit and body by grounding and allowing a communication flow.

YOUR BODY and you the spirit both sound like your voice. Any other voice is foreign and you can release it down your grounding cord.

TUNE INTO how you are using grounding in your daily life.

MEDITATE ON how you are not using grounding and how this affects your life. Add grounding and observe the healing change.

Practice grounding in your daily meditations and your daily life. This powerful spiritual technique can be used 24/7 in every aspect of your life. Some spiritual techniques need to be focused on in quiet meditation but grounding can be used at all times.

Take charge of your entire life by grounding all of the time.

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