Meditation For All

This is a continuing instruction series focusing on the fundamentals of meditation. Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Class Six:

Enjoying Your Meditation

Your meditation is a time for both you, the spirit, and for your body. This is when you let go of external issues and focus within on yourself. This time for you can be fun, rejuvenating and an enjoyable experience.

Your meditation time is when you both receive and give. Since everything is connected, when you receive for yourself, you receive for everyone. You also balance spirit and body when you meditate, which creates quiet and peace within your physical system. Your meditation is time for you, a peaceful island in the sea of life. Whether your sea of life is calm or stormy, your meditation island is always there for you as a sanctuary of peace and quiet. Your increased vibration will eventually bring you to enthusiasm, the energy level close to the Cosmic vibration. What greater joy exists than experiencing the Cosmic?

USE YOUR MEDITATION POSTURE to quiet your body and turn within. Breathe deeply, relax and focus within. Let go of your emotions, thoughts and every other worldly thing for now.

MEDITATE ON THE VIBRATION OF JOY. What color is joy for you? Allow this energy of joy to flow from above your head into your body and fill your body with the energy of joy.

BE STILL AND BECOME FAMILIAR with your vibration of joy. Allow your body to adjust to this high vibration. Joy is a high vibration and may cause disturbance until your body adjusts to this new energy.

USE JOY TO RELEASE unwanted energies. Breathe deeply and relax your body so it can release lower vibrations and experience joy.

FOCUS ON YOUR MEDITATION sanctuary within. Simply allow the sea of the world around you to be as it is and allow you to be as you are.

ALLOW YOUR SPIRITUAL energy to create calm and quiet within to let peace and joy flow into your body.

BE STILL and enjoy your meditation.

The powerful spiritual technique of grounding enhances your meditation beyond imagining. Continue with your development in meditation by adding grounding to your meditations.

Enjoy your meditation!

PRATICE: Notice when you experience joy this week.

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