Class Six:

Balanced Perspective

Planet Earth is a planet of dichotomies or opposites and we are on Earth to learn about balance, so we have many choices. The greater our balance for spirit and body the clearer our decisions are in creating our life. For example, if you choose to do exercise is most of your day you will be strong but may not be healthy if you do not eat properly. Also, if you are focused totally on your body without any attention or awareness of you, the spirit, you are not balanced and all of your choices will be made emotionally or intellectually without any spiritual perspective.

To create a balanced perspective we need to use our spiritual information which includes grounding, centering and many other techniques to allow you, the spirit to create through your body.

Meditation brings you a balanced perspective by giving you, the spirit, and your body time to communicate. You can begin to see that you are spirit and not everything is physical. Our physical system is only one way to create while our spiritual reality offers a great deal more opportunity and choice.

SIT IN your meditation position.

FOCUS ON your breathing to help you come into the present.

ESTABLISY YOUR GROUNDING to connect you, the spirit, to your body and the Earth.

ALLOW THE GROUNDING CORD to flow from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Be aware this is a spiritual creation.

BREATHE DEEPLY and release interference in your body down your grounding cord to allow for you to come into your body.

FOCUS on the center of your head and let your bright light flow from the top of your head into the center of your head.

BE AWARE that you are spirit and are surrounded by your physical body.

MEDITATE on the affect your grounding and centering have on balancing your spirit/body relationship and perspective.

ALLOW your physical focus to balance with your spiritual perspective by releasing excess emotionality and intellectual noise to flow down your grounding cord.

BE CENTERED in your head and allow your bright light to shine into and through your body while remaining centered.

MEDITATE on your grounding and centering as long as comfortable.

BEND FORWARD to release excess energy from your head, shoulders and arms. Then, sit up and resume your day.

PRACTICE enhancing your spirit/body balanced perspective by grounding and centering.

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