Present Time

Class One:

Present Time Focus

Present time is an important focus for meditation if you wish to include your body in the communication.

You are spirit and your body is your physical vessel on planet Earth. You, the spirit, and your physical body are very different. One of the main differences is time. Your body operates completely in time while you, the spirit, are not bound by time and you can operate in other realms such as what we define as past and future.

Time is a great benefit for the body because it offers it the opportunity to change. Without time every thought would be a decision made manifest. Spirit needs many lifetimes and intense growth to reach a state of being to create instantly. We are blessed to have time to grow and develop.

GROUND yourself through your body from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Always begin your meditation with grounding and centering. (See grounding and centering instructions)

INCREASE your grounding to assist more of you to come into your body comfortably.

BRING YOURSELF, the spirit, into the center of your head a little above and behind your eyes.

LET YOUR BRIGHT SPARK of the Divine Force come into the center of your head and shine.

ONCE YOU ARE GROUNDED and focused in the center of your head, tune into yourself being in your body.

BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY surrounding you, the bright spark of spirit.

NOW TUNE INTO YOUR BODY’S RHYTHMS: first, your breathing. Take steady, slow breaths to relax your body and draw you into it to experience its present time reality.

USE YOUR GROUNDING to assist you to come into your body and more fully experience its present time reality.

FOCUS into the center of your head to be neutral about what you encounter in your present time body.

NEXT, LISTEN to your body’s heartbeat. Allow your heartbeat to draw you into the present moment. Your body is always in the present so your attention on it will bring you, the spirit, into the present where your body lives.

BREATHE AND LISTEN to your heartbeat and meditate on this present moment. Allow your body’s thoughts to float away or flow down your grounding cord and focus on this moment.

MEDITATE with your focus on your body rhythms to bring you into the present where your body exists. Focus as long as is comfortable.

END YOUR MEDITATION by bending forward and releasing excess energy. Sit up and resume your activities.

You can be in present time in any circumstance simply by putting your attention on your body rhythms of conscious breathing and listening to your heartbeat. Your grounding and centering techniques will also focus you into present time.

Practice focusing in the present in various circumstances.

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