Class Four:

Spiritual Perspective

A spiritual perspective is a view from your clairvoyant center in the body, the center of your head, or sixth chakra. Everyone is spirit so you have the option to develop your spiritual awareness of yourself, the spirit, your body and your physical world. This view offers you a broader perspective, neutrality, greater awareness, and an entire new opening to your relationship between spirit and body. Your spiritual perspective gives you a new view of your world because you see and know as spirit, above the body pulls.

You develop your spiritual perspective by focusing yourself, the spirit, into the center of your head. When you put your spiritual attention into the center of your head, you stimulate your clairvoyance or clear sight. This spiritual ability allows you to see spiritual phenomena such as auras, pictures, symbols, and more. Your spiritual perspective allows you to see a great deal more than the physical world and helps you consciously create as spirit in the physical world.

PREPARE TO MEDITATE. Review previous lessons to enhance your practice. Sit in a straight-backed chair, feet flat on the floor and your hands separated in your lap. Take calming breaths.

GROUND from your first chakra, near the base of your spine, to the center of the Earth.

FOCUS yourself, the spirit, into the center of your head, above and behind your eyes.

BE STILL and allow your body to adjust to your spiritual presence. You may see a bright light, which is you, the spirit.

SIT QUIETLY being grounded and centered and focus on your perspective from this neutral space.

LOOK AT AN ISSUE about which you are confused or unclear and focus in your sixth chakra. You may look at a relationship and see a broader view including both you and the other persons experience. Maybe you are angry and that makes them afraid, which freezes their behavior and makes you more angry.

ALLOW YOUR NEW SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE about this issue. You may see that releasing your anger helps the other person relax and your communication opens.

SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE will bring you a new awareness of yourself and your life.

NOTICE ANY NEW INFORMATION from this space with your spiritual perspective. For example, seeing how you affect others as well as how they affect you.

USE YOUR GROUNDING to release unwanted energy from your body since you will begin to see things you wish to change. Allow the healing from neutrality.

ALLOW YOUR BODY to adjust to your new perspective of life.

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