Meditation For All

This is a continuing instruction series focusing on the fundamentals of meditation. Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Class Four:

Letting Go To Create

Letting go is an important part of creating. We are all creating at a very fast pace and need to let go as rapidly as we can to create energy and space for our new creations. For example, by releasing the past, we can enjoy our present and prepare for our future. We also need to help our bodies let go of old patterns and create in new ways.

Meditation is a beneficial method of letting go. You, the spirit, can release energy stored in your body and free yourself from creating through past pains and patterns. You can create a clearer field in your body through which to flow. You are spirit and your body is your vessel. You create and store information in your body and can learn to let it go. Meditation is the easiest way to accomplish this healing of letting go. Grounding is a meditation technique that helps you let go.

You, the spirit, can release emotions, stress, other people’s ideas, excess energy or anything. You are energy and everything in your body is energy, so you can transform energy invested in an emotion into a neutral energy to be used in something else. For example, you can release hate and use the neutralized energy to enhance your relationship with Earth.

Releasing energy can be as easy as dropping a leaf in a stream and watching it float away. Visualize the leaf flowing to a river and to the sea to join the flow of life. By releasing energy we have more space and more energy to create. Releasing is part of creating and we need to remember the importance of letting go for the flow of creativity.

Everything is part of the Cosmic Whole so when you release something, it returns to God. All things are part of the Cosmic Flow and we need to release as much as we create so the flow is continuous. Nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed to be reused. This is part of the healing process in a body.

SIT IN YOUR MEDITATION POSTURE and focus on one thing you want to release.

GET THE CONCEPT OF LETTING IT GO by simply allowing it to melt away. To enhance your release learn to ground.

TURN WITHIN and be aware you are spirit and the creator of your experience.

BE AWARE of your body as your vessel and that you can change it by creating and letting go.

ALLOW WHAT YOU WANT to release to float out of your body and float away on a cloud.

USE YOUR OUTWARD BREATH to release the unwanted energy and your inward breath to rejuvenate your body.

MEDITATE on your creativity.

PRACTICE: Release one unwanted energy each time you meditate.

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