Present Time

Class Four:

Continued Lessons on Present Time

Lessons on present time continue in three of our books:

  • Healing: Key to Spiritual Balancebook and eBook
  • Chakras: Key to Spiritual OpeningeBook only
  • Earth Energy: The Spiritual Frontierbook and soon to be eBook

The following excerpts are taken from these books to let you preview the information available.

Healing – Key to Spiritual Balance

We need to focus our energies in the present in order to heal ourselves. Our bodies and the physical world around us exist solely in the present.

In this physical reality time appears as a line with a past, present and future. A spirit, we have to learn to have our attention in present time because this is where the body functions. In spiritual reality there is no time, but when we have a body we have to relate to the physical reality and learn to deal with this illusion of time.

Since there is no time consciousness for us as spirit, we could easily be drawn into the illusion of past or future. We need to bring our attention back to the present to accomplish our goals in this body. Grounding and running energy can help us clear our bodies so we enjoy being in present time. Body rhythms, such as the heartbeat and breathing, can help draw our attention to the body and the present.

If we are in the past, the body usually feels depressed or apathetic. If we are focused in the future, the body often feels afraid because it cannot be there yet. When we are in present time, the body is comfortable because this is the time in which the body operates. Simply putting our attention in the present can be a healing. Being in the present helps eliminate depression and fear from the body which we have caused by focusing our attention in the past or future.

Here and now, in the present we have our power and our ability to heal.

Our point of healing power is now, in the present.

TO EXPERIENCE PRESENT TIME, create your grounding cord, focus in the center of your head, take a few deep breaths and relax your body.

FROM THE CENTER of your head be aware of your body. Feel your heartbeat. Experience your breathing. Feel your skin. Learn to listen to your body’s sounds. Use your awareness of your body to bring your attention into the present moment.

CHECK TO BE SURE you are grounded and in the center of your head.

Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening

As we get acquainted with the chakras, we discover the need to bring them into the present and to relate to them in present time. The body is always in present time. God is always in present time.

Most people have learned to put their attention into the past or the future to avoid what they are creating in the present. We learn to do this in childhood and continue it through life. If things are painful, frightening, or causing unhappiness, the soul projects its attention into the future or the past to escape the difficult present. Everyone has had the experience of fantasizing or daydreaming. This is a way to project into the future. Reminiscing about the past can be an escape from the present. Either direction takes one away from the power of the present moment. In the present, you can best heal things from the past and plan for the future.

Focusing in the present takes practice as we have all gotten in the habit of escaping into the illusion of future or past. This present time focus can be learned in meditation and in daily life. You can teach yourself to focus in the present moment simply by paying attention to what you are doing.

Earth Energy: The Spiritual Frontier

The Earth and everything on it operate in time and through space. Your body is in present time. The planet Earth is in present time.

Present time is simply here and now, this moment. It is so simple that you may miss the point looking for something more complicated. You can experience it by focusing your attention on whatever you are doing at the moment. Your body is your best avenue into present time.

Continue your growth with the information in these books and eBooks and enjoy your transformation.

Practice the techniques daily so they become part of your life.

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