Class Five:

Centering for Growth

We are constantly growing and changing throughout life. We make many choices during our growth. Some decisions are made from neutrality and some are not. Quite often we allow our body to make the choices with emotions and the intellect. When we discover meditation, we see that we can make better, clearer decisions when grounded and centering in our head.

Our bodies communicate with emotions and the intellect and we all know these sources can be influenced by others and misinformation we have created or adopted. When we see ourselves as spirit and operate in the physical world by grounding and centering, we create a neutral non-judgmental perspective.

When we bring our spiritual awareness into the physical consciousness, we have a full view of both spiritual and physical information to help us make our choices more clearly. Our growth becomes smoother, easier and more spiritually focused with this broader view of our life.


MEDITATE ON GROUNDING and centering in your head to enhance your spirit/body connection.

GROUND from your first chakra to the center of the Earth.

FOCUS YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT in the center of your head to bring your spiritual perspective into your physical reality.

ALLOW YOUR GROUNDING to adjust to you, the energetic spirit, so you can abide comfortably in your body.

BREATHE DEEPLY and relax your body so it will accept you.

BE AWARE of how your grounding and centering affect your body. See the benefits of focus, neutrality and stability, as well as any disturbance the body expresses from these spiritual techniques.

ALLOW any disturbance to flow down your grounding cord to enhance your grounding and reassure your body. Respect your spirit/body differences.

MEDITATE on ways you can use your grounding to enhance your daily life, such as in relationships and at work.

MEDITATE on ways you can use being in the center of your head in your daily life, such as in your workplace and with your family.

PRACTICE making choices for your life using grounding and centering.

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