BalanceBalance is healing. Balance is power. Balance is joy. When we are in balance, we are healthier, more powerful, and more in charge of our life. Please do not make this information a focus on perfection because balance is not perfect. Balance requires constant motion to maintain itself.

A balanced life includes rest, play, work, giving and receiving. When we balance our life we are able to balance our perspective because with balance, we can see both ends of a dichotomy and gain a clear, neutral view to help choose and maintain balance.

We must make choices every moment and our choices create our balance or imbalance. When we choose the spiritual focus instead of the physical, we increase our balance because the spiritual view is neutral. We can also get off balance if we ignore the needs of the body, so we need neutrality to create a balanced life both physically and spiritually. All Earth creatures need balance to thrive. You, the spirit, provide a neutral perspective to rise above the emotional, intellectual control of your body. With your neutral view, you make healthier choices and create greater balance. If your body is in control of your creativity, your emotions and intellect will often push you off balance. Strong emotions can interfere with your neutral perspective and cause you to choose an extreme action. The extreme will put you off balance and you may become afraid, so your body turns to its intellect to solve the dilemma. This causes you to look outside of you for the answer and you become more confused.

Meditation to the rescue! By taking a break to breathe, ground, and turn within, you can regain control of your body’s emotions and intellect. With you, the spirit, back in charge your neutrality returns, you move away from extremes and balance your creativity. Rather than quitting your job, storming out of the office and then regretting your extreme action, take a moment to balance. Maybe your boss is not all wrong and you can find a middle ground for agreement. Balance is amazingly powerful. When you feel out of balance, pause and focus within for calm balance. Try grounding your system to help you learn about and develop conscious balance. There is always the option of having fun. Add play to your life and you can be more in balance in a short time.

Allow balance in your life and experience your joy in living.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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