Clairvoyance Classes

Clairvoyance I Class

Clairvoyance Classes

See Yourself Clearly!

See Yourself Clearly

Clairvoyance classes mean clear seeing and relates to the sixth chakra. You are spirit and have the ability to open and use the talent of clairvoyance, which enables you to see new dimensions in your life. Discover the freedom and joy of seeing yourself: your power and beauty. Broaden your world with a neutral, spiritual perspective. Everyone is clairvoyant, so unleash your power to see!

Class Description

The class meets once a week for four weeks of focusing on opening and using your sixth chakra. You are spirit and are clairvoyant. You focus yourself in your sixth chakra to gain a spiritual perspective of your life. Discover your ability to consciously create and destroy, to translate spiritual vibrations to physical understanding through color, and to see on a new level. The focus is on creating what you want and how to have it. Learn to read yourself and see the bright light that is you!
**Prerequisite: Meditation I Class

Clairvoyance I Class Schedule

Live Online Class via Cisco WebEx
Four-Week Series
$200 Donation

July 11, 2021 Sunday, 1:00pm – 3:30pm Register Online

“Our clairvoyance is the cornerstone of our spiritual perspective. When we activate and develop this spiritual ability, we allow ourselves to take charge of our lives and our creativity.” – Clairvoyance: Key to Spiritual Perspective

Clairvoyance II Class


See Yourself and Your Life Clearly

You have the ability to use your clairvoyance in everything you do and to help you create what you want in life. See what is, enhance your neutrality, and allow more amusement in your work and play. By focusing in your sixth chakra and developing your spiritual sight, you take charge of your creativity in a whole new way.

Class Description

This class meets once per week for four weeks and builds on the foundation of Clairvoyance I. Learn powerful techniques to enhance your clairvoyance: to see yourself and others clearly, to help you make decisions, and to use this gift in all aspects of your life.
** Prerequisites: Meditation I Class and Clairvoyance I Class

Clairvoyance II Class Schedule

Live Online Class via Cisco WebEx
Four-Week Series
$200 Donation

September 12, 2021 Sunday, 1:00pm – 3:30pm Register Online

“Reflect the light within you to see yourself and others clearly. Open your spiritual sight to see all that you are and all the ways you can communicate and create.” – Mary Ellen Flora

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Within you is a state-of-the-art viewing system for education and entertainment – your clairvoyance. Learn to sit back and watch the movie of you!
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One of a series of books by Miss Flora, this volume on clairvoyance stresses its value in spiritual unfoldment. The very fact that the ability enables us to actually see spirit, the author maintains, helps us to realize that we are spirit ourselves … Miss Flora’s book is clearly written and provides useful information on how to develop and control this fascinating gift. – Psychic News, Oxford, England

Let this book introduce you to one of the clearest, wisest spiritual teachers in America today.
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