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Mary Ellen Flora, Author & Teacher

“I love what I do. It does not matter if I am writing, teaching, healing, exercising, cooking, or doing administrative work, to me everything is part of the same fabric.”

Spiritual teacher, author, healer and clairvoyant, Mary Ellen Flora has been sharing her insight on spirituality since 1976. Mary Ellen is an advocate of the use of daily meditation and has taught thousands of people to enrich their lives by using the spiritual techniques presented in her classes, books and audio offerings. She believes that we are all meant to be fully awake and alive, both spiritually and physically, and shares this belief with amusement, neutrality, and love.

Mary Ellen is not what one would expect from a spiritual teacher. She laughs a lot, revels in nature, and loves life. She has traveled around the world and lived in a variety of places which has broadened her view of life. Her commitment to and embodiment of the spiritual techniques she teaches is inspiring and life-changing to experience.

If you are seeking spiritual information with a lighter, brighter presentation, Mary Ellen is a delightful teacher. Many of her students are scattered around the world helping to share this spiritual information.

Stacy Rice, Lead Minister

Stacy is an engaging person who is highly respected by CDM Members for her commitment, teaching abilities and genuine interest in others. She reflects the lightness and fun that is so much a part of CDM’s spiritual organization. Stacy has a particular skill of motivating others with her enthusiasm and is an advocate for the spiritual techniques, which have enhanced her own life greatly.

Stacy has been involved with CDM for over 25 years. She first came to CDM in 1994 after receiving a CDM clairvoyant reading that changed the course of her life. Enthusiastic about the spiritual techniques, she jumped into the basic classes and Seminary Program and was ordained as a CDM Minister in 1996. Attracted to teaching and healing, Stacy completed the CDM Teaching Program in 1998, was certified as a teacher, and began teaching the Basic Classes.

Stacy completed several more years of advanced CDM training enabling her to serve as a Lead Minister as well as train other ministers, teachers and church leaders. She has served as a teacher and Lead Minister in several of the CDM locations, served on the Board of Directors in various positions, and has trained many spiritual seekers along the way.

Stacy’s additional experience

Stacy’s entire career has revolved around helping others and putting her high-energy stamp on everything she touches. She worked as an Emergency Services Director and Executive Director with the American Red Cross, founded a Popular Medical Clinic in Guatemala, taught Spanish to pre-school and elementary school children, and served as a Program Coordinator working with student leaders at Davidson College, her alma mater.

“The spiritual techniques that I have learned at CDM have saved my life in many ways. I am a much happier, healthier version of myself and able to navigate and enjoy life in a whole new way.”

“CDM has become a great deal more than just a school to me. Having used the two years I’ve been involved to change and heal, I’ve found myself approaching my entire life differently. A church is no longer a place of rules and guilt, but a symbol of amusement, community, fun, and healing. Using the techniques enables me to make the changes I want and puts me in charge of my own life.”
— Dylan E.

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“Welcome to our website. Explore our information and discover new aspects of yourself.”

– Mary Ellen Flora, author and teacher

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